Welcome to Maylie Stud!

Today Maylie Stud is concentrating on welsh ponies of cob type (sec. C), but there's been all sorts of horses and ponies throughout the time. My first welsh was a mountain (sec. A), and I still got a couple of them as well, can't really live without them. I'm having great pleasure being a part of the welsh circuit, and I hope that a lot of people have - or will have that experience, too.

Take a look around the website, and feel free to contact me. Enjoy!


Photos at this website by kind permission: Zanne Jedig, Eberhard Holin, Ann Louise Jørgensen, Laila Larsen, Louise Egdal, Peer de Rade, Chirie Laulund-Pedersen, Palle Ploug, Berit Hansen, Leena Kahisaari, past and present owners of the ponies and of course myself.